Reliable AI Business Consultant

Devlacus Technologies has always visioned the future, and the future we all know starts with AI. AI, like it, says artificial intelligence—human-like intelligence in man-made machines that are programmed to mimic, think, and act like humans.

  • Business analysis
  • AI solution conceptualization and development project planning
  • Data preparation management
  • AI solution development (ML modeling)
  • ML output integration
  • AI solution quality assurance
  • AI solution support and optimization
AI Solutions Devlacus Technologies Builds

Demand forecasting and inventory optimization

  • Calculating the risks of out-of-stock and overstock.
  • Sales forecasting.
  • Demand forecasting.

Value you get: supply-demand balance, minimized supply chain risks.

Predictive and prescriptive maintenance

  • Flagging anomalous behavior of machinery and equipment.
  • Predicting failure probability over time/in a certain number of steps.
  • Predicting remaining useful lifetime.

Value you get: improved OEE and productivity, decreased maintenance and repair costs, increased asset lifetime and uptime.

Personalization engines

  • Customer segmentation.
  • Cross-selling and upselling recommendations.
  • Automated generation of individualized content – product recommendations, special offers and pricing, etc.

Value you get: automated marketing efforts, increased conversion rates and average order value, decreased cart and browse abandonment, etc.

Customer service

  • Virtual customer agents.
  • AI-powered recommendations for next-best actions for human agents.
  • Speech-to-text conversion.

Value you get: enhanced rates of customer requests resolution, reduced customer service labor costs, increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

IoT applications

  • Internet of Medical Things.
  • Industrial robot simulation software.
  • Connected consumer products.
  • Smart cities, etc.

Value you get: enhanced operational efficiency, automated remote control, object tracking capabilities, etc.

Computer vision

  • Face and emotion recognition.
  • Product quality control.
  • Computer-aided diagnostic assessment.
  • 3D reconstruction, etc.

Value you get: cost and time savings due to the automated processing of large amounts of visual data.