Workflow process automation and Application Integration Platform

Enterprises use Quickwork to build simple and complex workflows, create and publish secure APIs, and manage conversational interactions with customers, employees and partners to provide a great user experience.

Unified Platform

An enterprise grade platform with all the tools you need


Simply drag and drop the applications you wish to use to build powerful integrations without writing a single line of code. Choose from 1,000s of business, consumer, AI, analytics, messaging, and IoT apps to create any automated workflow you can imagine!

Real-time One minute poll Error monitoring
Formula engine Branching operators Version control

API Management

Convert any workflow into an API with Quickwork’s single click API Management. Share your APIs securely with built-in authentication mechanisms and scale elastically with our serverless infrastructure.

Analytics Elastic Scalability IP Whitelisting Client & access profiles
CORS API Key & OAuth support Rate limiting & quota management

Conversation Management

Build and manage real-time conversational and messaging workflows with human agents, chatbots and IoT devices, across multiple channels such as WhatsApp, Line, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, web widgets and many more.

Real-time triggers Context handling NLP supported
Analytics Multi-channel Human-agent handover
Quickwork makes automation easy, allowing anyone to build simple or complex workflows effortlessly.

Drag & Drop

With a user interface designed for citizen developers and non-technical users, building workflows is as simple as drag and drop.

Build your own connectors

Use our connector SDK to build your own connectors and launch them with public or private access.

Code snippets

Get flexibility to perform any operation with our built-in formula engine and programming connectors (like Node.js).

Federated clusters

Workflows execution and data storage can be hosted in your preferred region or on-premise anywhere in the world with a single-click deployment.