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Queberry is a digital transformation company connecting services to the customer through the technological revolution with a vision to become a world-leading brand in customer experience management solutions.

Queberry, digital transformation services, manages the customer journey with a range of products and solutions such as Queue Management Solutions, Digital Signage, Customer Feedback, Appointment Scheduling App that covers different stages of the customer journey from pre-arrival to visiting a branch and leaving feedback for advanced business analytics.

Queberry Cloud Solutions

Queue Management


Queue Management Software is the core of customer journey concepts that take the customer service experience to the next level by organizing a virtual queue environment that enables services in an organized structure for a single branch or across the entire customer service experience network.

Digital Signage


Digital Signage Software Solutions is a major communication channel for your waiting customers. It keeps them informed with displays, media players, and voice solutions. Every wait time is an opportunity to reach out to your customers and make better utilization for business.

Mobile Solution & Appointment


Mobility has changed the way customer experience works, and Mobile App is a trendy modular channel that allows customers to choose Appointment Booking And Scheduling services on the go in a convenient way.

Customer Feedback Solution


In the new era of customer engagement, customers are won and lost in real time, and they all have different Moments of Truth. Queberry Customer Feedback Software Solution Offering your customers the choice of how and when to share their feedback response gives businesses more opportunities to reach your customers.

Business Analytics


A web-based robust business analytics software solution drives your business with operational excellence, collects and generates data to life, suggesting operational improvements, future resource planning, and strategic performance improvement.

Virtual Queue Management System


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses has to adapt the precautions as per new Covid norms and thus social distancing is a new normal along with hand hygiene. Virtual Queue Management System offer Customers to sit in a socially distanced waiting area and be notified on the mobile app or SMS/WhatsApp on the progress of the queue and their status

Counter Display


Counter Display System is an add-on component beneficial for customer flow management with improved signage showing tickets, counter number display along with digital media

Software Support


Queberry offers dedicated online and onsite software support with skilled technicians and Software developers, bringing peace of mind in managing and streamlining customer journeys.