Introducing Tebo

Enhance your connectivity and presence effortlessly by remotely logging in, navigating the robot, exploring your desired surroundings, and engaging with others through video—experience being there in real-time.

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Navigate with assurance in any environment.

Smart navigation with sophisticated collision avoidance simplifies the driving experience. Unlike typical iPad or FaceTime robots, our obstacle detection and automatic speed adjustments empower users to effortlessly maneuver through their environment.

A telepresence robot can unlock a realm of opportunities for distant engagement and boasts myriad applications across diverse industries. We are consistently thrilled to witness the inventive ways in which our customers leverage this technology.

Witness the world as if you were physically present.

Two high-definition cameras, coupled with robust CPU and graphics processing capabilities, synergize to deliver an unparalleled and best-in-class solution for remote presence experiences.

Establish a connection and maintain continuity.

Utilizing enterprise-grade Wi-Fi 5 technology enables your telepresence robot to navigate seamlessly through expansive areas such as schools, conference floors, warehouses, and offices, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.

Additional Features

Elevate Your Mobility and Engagement
Unparalleled Visual Clarity and Audio Precision
Navigate with Confidence and Precision
Effortless Control and User-Friendly Interface
Powerful Hardware and Cutting-Edge Technology
Long-Lasting Battery for Uninterrupted Use
TEBO: Your Gateway to Seamless Remote Presence
Tebo Technical Specifications
Dimensions and Weight: 45cm long * 45cm wide * 120cm high and 19kg
Camera 5MP Front camera
Full HD, up to 30fps
75 deg FOV
Audio Wide band omnidirectional noise reducing microphone
A3W full range speaker
Sensors 2D LIDAR
IR and Ultrasonic sensors
Wheel encoders
1MP back camera
Motors 2* 36W DC motors
Speed up to 1 m/s
Processor Raspberry Pi 4
Quad core Cortex-A72 (ARM v8)
Wireless connectivity Bluetooth 5.0 2.4Ghz and 5.0 Ghz IEEE 802.11ac dual WiFi
Display 13.3 inch Full-HD IPS LED display
Capacitive multi-touch
Android 12
Battery: 4+ hours runtime, 2.5 hours recharge time Li-ion
Charging dock: 100-240V compatible, 50/60Hz
Core features
Navigation Autonomous mapping
Obstacle avoidance
2D mapping and localization
Path planning
Screen tilt +45 deg - -45 deg
Autonomous charging

Video call Zoom integrated video call

Tebo ; Breaking Boundaries,
Bridging Distances: Explore the Future with Telepresence Technology
(Coming Soon)