Security Consulting services

We offer our cutomers best in class security and consultation services in collaboration with k7

Our Joint Effort and Services

A & A

Testing whether organization's information system is adhering to a set of internal or external criteria regulating data security

GRC Consulting

Identifying and controlling risks, complying with new rules and regulations maintaining right to do business, guarding brand reputation and increasingly, setting out sustainability practices.


Services to discover threats, assess and improve security posture in real-time, prioritize weaknesses to address, and mitigate unseen vulnerabilities fast and effectively, by using specialized AI, and automation to achieve a state-of-the-art cybersecurity posture.

Cyber Resilience

Cybersecurity posture of the industry focuses on four different areas: firmlevel cyber resilience, sector-level cyber resilience, costs and fulltime-equivalent employees, and nextgeneration trends

Audits & Assessments


Penetration Testing Internal/External Penetration Testing Client-Side Penetration Testing Mobile Device Penetration Testing VoIP Penetration Testing Incident Response Testing

Cyber Security Related

Cyber Security Host Hardening Secure Configuration Reviews Malware Analysis and Forensics Cyber Forensics & related Investigation


Network security audit Web-application security audit Grey/Black/White Box Web Application Security Audit Mobile Application Security Audit Security Operation Centre Management Business Continuity Planning / Disaster Recovery Audit Configuration audits Compliance audits ISO 27001, ISO 20000, COBIT, HIPPA. Firewall Rule Base Review Audits IT Policy Drafting, Formation and Review of IT Security Policy GRC Consulting IT Audit & Advisory Services DLPComplianceManagement


Vulnerability Assessment Software Vulnerability Assessment Web Services Assessment Virtualization Security Assessment Wireless Security Assessment IT Risk Assessment Client Side Exploit Testing / Social Engineering Testing Mobile Infrastructure Risk Assessment White-Box/Black-Box Mobile Application Security

Integrated Managed Services

Devlacus Technologies & K7, consulting services outlines the control mandates essential to establish business continuity and further protect data / information during its creation, maintenance, display, processing, usage, transmission and disposal, and to maintain the information’s confidentiality, integrity and availability (including authenticity, accountability and auditability).

Devlacus Technologies & K7’s GRC consulting and services defines governing principles, essential to establish and operate a successful Information Security Program stipulated by HIPAA, ISO, ADHICS, NABIDH, SAMA, GDPR, CMA, Central Bank.

Devlacus Technologies & K7 GRC practices encompasses framework of policies and procedures covering legal, physical and technical controls involved in the information risk management processes of a company.